Sinister Dolls house photograph

Silent Partner

 The relationship had never been very good. Not really. They just weren’t a couple who seemed to fit naturally together. Everybody said so.

Disapproving whispers from people in every place they appeared. Cruel looks, shaken heads. “That isn’t good. It won’t last.”

It put doubts in his mind. He’d persisted a while longer but in the end it was no good. He’d finished it.

“It’s not you, it’s me,” he’d said pathetically. But he knew it was just an act. 

The reply? A glassy, silent stare. He’d always been the one with the words, after all.

He’d felt his anger rise.

The suitcase had been plenty big enough.

In a few hours he would be out of the country. New life, new career. The case and his ex-partner at the bottom of the ocean.

He’d thought it through. Very, very carefully.

Life as a ventriloquist was over.